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Friday, January 21, 2011

What is up with that?

So this has been a crazy week. I don't usually like to talk much about ugh stuff, but you just have to hear about all of this. Mostly its just sickness. Taylor started not feeling good on Sunday. She just kept not feeling good for a few days. Yesterday I decided to just take her to an urgent care center because we were not able to make it to Amarillo to get her into her pedi. So I started looking for a clinic. No one would see her without a referral and our doctor was already closed. I went to two different places and the all sent us away. I didn't want to go to the ER because I didn't want to be out the big co-pay, but that was our only option. I was crying because everyone just kept saying no. Then I could not find the children's side of the ER at our hospital. We have never been there. I finally found it and then I cried because they were so nice to us! They took her blood and ran test and took x-rays and everything was fine. She was just dehydrated. They gave her an IV and after they ran a whole bag it was like Taylor was a new person. It is just amazing how staying hydrated will make you feel so much better. She even went to school today because she did not want to get any further behind.

On another note, our puppy had an allergic reaction to something the night before last. He has been pretty miserable but is getting better. I don't know what in the world he got into but I hope it never happens again. His eye was swollen and he had hives all over him. It his really fast and he looked so bad. He is taking allergy medicine for adults and it seems to help. The vet said it will take about three days for it to go away completely.

I am hoping that this weekend will be more fun than this week. We will be going to Canyon/Amarillo. The boys and I will be at the Ignite student conference and the girls will be getting some loving at Nana and Papa's house! Happy Weekend!

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  1. Poor puppy! He just hasn't had it very easy. When Rex was little we almost lost him to something similar to tetnus. He got into a pile of metal and punctured his leg and had a build up of some toxic gas under his skin. They're strong dogs, he'll get better and you'll never know he was sick!
    Glad Taylor is feeling better, too. The medical field is so screwy sometimes. Its a service have to have and they have the worst customer service skills. Have a good weekend