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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wow Wednesday #2 "A Masterpiece"

"A Masterpiece"

This has a better week. Actually a little fun. I have been busy planning a booth at the Bridal Expo for this weekend for work. Pictures and lots of fun stuff to show you. Can't wait. Be looking for it soon.

So, today the kids had early dismissal. I decided to swing by Wal-Mart and get some glitter and card stock so we could make a valentines day project. The boys of course were too busy playing the ps3 so it was just me and the girls that worked on our fun girly stuff. The girls worked really hard and they had to get it just right. They look like masterpieces to me. They only saved me one heart to decorate. The rest are all what they came up with.

Did you know that WE are also masterpieces. God's masterpieces. God's well prepared masterpieces. That's so cool. God is so big.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
*workmanship- The Greek for this word sometimes has connotation of a "work of art"
*prepared in advance- God's sovereign purpose and planning

Here are a few other masterpieces I found this past week. It was a great week to do some thrift store shopping.

This is the first piece I found this weekend. It was at Goodwill. They had it laying on its side, using it to display some stuff, and said the leg was broken. It wasn't really broken. Some of the decorative stuff had broken off in front of the leg but all the pieces were taped to the bottom. I decided $40 was a fair price so I bought it. It found a home in the girls room. They are out of closet space so this will help a ton!
I will get the decortive leg stuff put on it soon. Just have not had time to do it yet.
I really like the little twirly carvings.

The mirror looks like the original mirror that it probably was made with.

The second thing I found was at a little antique mall. I think it must be an old news paper stand or something. It was being used as a display for linens but it said all stuff in that booth was 25% off. It had a tag that said $34.00 FIRM. The lady at the front desk said she never even noticed this thing. I needed it for my kids bathroom. They don't have a closet or anywhere to put towels and not much space so this is perfect.

Then my next big wow thing for this week, I didn't even have to buy. It has been sitting out on my back patio sense mothers day. I thought I was getting a new non- leak roof over my patio. Long story short, it still leaks and my table was getting weathered very bad. The table is what my kids got me for mothers day last year. They got it as an antique store in Post, Texas. It was marked down to like $150.00 I think. Not too bad I guess. It was just paining me to let it sit out and ruin so I decided to move my big black table from the dining room to our kitchen that has like NO counter space, to use for counter space and breakfast table. It works out really well because it is counter height. So I just kind of switched things around a bit and the outside dining table is now the inside dining table.
All the chairs except the tow on the ends came from garage sales this summer. I paid $1-$3 each for them. The black and white chairs on the ends I got at Pier One a few years ago. (not on sale) lol

I recovered most of the chairs and pained the black one at the end. It was Pepito pink when I got it.

The black table in the kitchen is now smaller. I closed the leaf on it and only used four chairs. It got a lot of use this week. We found this really cool cook book at the book store and have made about five recipes from it this week. The kids like to help cook. And the actually LOVE the food from this cookbook!

 I also found the bigger jar for $5. It was great for my straws but the kids already broke the lid.
Oh, and I almost forgot. The China on the table I found at Savers Super Thrift Store. It is a place setting for eight. Still had the tags on it. It was marked $24 but that color of tag was 50% off for that day. They always have a different colored tag at 50% off. I only paid like $12ish. It is Mikasa Ultima Plus with a platinum ring around it. Look it up. HK301 Cameo Platinum. I'm pretty sure I got a steal.
My last wow thing for today is something I love. Old pillow cases. My mom finished some of these that my grandmother had started on before she passed away. Thank you mom for sending them.



  1. What a fun week of shopping!!!!!

  2. Holy moly! I love it all. I'm going to have to take you with me when I go shopping one of these days. You seem to have the best luck! :)

    Sarah J