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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Suddenly Sunday

What we did last week...What we have planned this week...

Five unrelated words to describe last week...

After Kaylee and Blake got out of their break dancing class the teacher told me that he thinks I need to get Kaylee a beanie for her head. She has started doing head spins and he said she will start to lose her hair so we need to get her a beanie that has extra padding in it and maybe even a helmet. I did not even realize that they made such things. He found some stuff for us on line that we can order. Please check out the video on this web site. This is Kaylee in a couple of years.

Blake was cast in the Nutcracker for this year as prince! This week at football Blake made a touch down and two extra points. Eight points!

We tryed a new hair style, thanks to Elsie from A Beautiful Mess

Ash has longer hair so it was easy to do one fishtail to the side.

Kay's worked out better in pigtails.

Super cute with the hat. Still "tomboy" enough for her.

Tay's hair is the shortest so we did a french Brade on the side with the yarn. They loved the new styles and they looked really good . They looked really cute for our date night on the town. We all went together last night to see
You must see this movie. It is very hard now a days to find a man of courage. Noah was a man of courage. Can you image...God says Noah, I want you to make a boat. I will flood the Earth and you are to take 2 of each animal the in on Earth and the birds that have the breath of life in them and take them along with your family into the Ark. Noah did not question God he just did as God told him. He is a man of courage, even at the age of 600 years of age.
Genesis 6-9

Reading Bible Stories, Pray, Football, Volleyball, Work, Youth, Payday, Groceries, Book club, Spelling Tests, Dance, Violin, Haircut, Doctor, Learning lines, Coffee, Exercise...


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