HIS Mess!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

happy sunday


I finished my room! I actually finished it last week, but it was the first week back at school and back to the same crazy days so I didn't have a chance to post until today!

 Moved the bed to show off the windows!
Hid the baby bed.

New love- vintage mirrors. The top one was my Granny Dots.

 Dresser moved to the other wall.
 TV center that was in the living room made for a great way to hide my mess of clothes.

 I feel so...I can't even explain how I feel. My room had been a mess for so long and guess what...I only spent $7 on a new laundry basket. Well under the $50 budget I wanted to stay under!

Just a little something extra, looks like someone has been playing with mommy's camera again! Love you Mini-K!

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