HIS Mess!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A mess!

I love the character of old houses. I love my huge windows. I love having the kids schools with-in walking distance. The park is right across the street. The boys don't have to share a room. The girls are a little cramped, but they have great windows too. Its cute!

But my room is out of hand! Only thing I do is sleep there and hide stuff in there. If I cant find somewhere to put something I just stick it in my room and close the door. Its time to get a handle on it. But where to start and how will I ever fit it all in this little space? This will be my project for the next few days...

My bedroom is pretty small. I have a queen sized bed, a dresser (had it at a child) a chest of drawers, a cedar chest, end table and a Great Dane house!

This is my work t-shirts and a few other things...

And this is the only closet I have and YES, it is as small as it looks... Not sure how I will make this work, but I will give it a try!Wish me luck!
I hope my budget of $50 will get it done!


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